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Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the Traveller

Welcome to theZouk

Read our General Terms and Conditions below, before you click on the Accept Terms button.

1. To you as a traveller, it does not cost anything to use theZouk. The service is free. theZouk is a marketplace which manages enquiries and provides offers electronically between the receiver and the sender. After you have registered your details with theZouk, you are entitled to register your requirements regarding your accommodation. After that, your enquiry will be sent via theZouk to various private individuals and companies referred to as Accommodation suppliers, offering board and lodging in those areas and at the time specified - as you have requested. You will then receive offers from the Accommodation suppliers who will be able to offer you board and lodging best matching your enquiry.

2. Each offer is an offer to you personally. The terms and conditions in the offers vary, but they will include details of the price of the accommodation, payment terms, cancellation requirements, information regarding the period of validity etc. You can open and read the offers without it costing you anything. You do not need to accept any of the offers that you have received. You can allow them all to fall due by not accepting any of them. If you do want to accept an offer, click on the  Accept button. You are then bound by the terms in the offer which you have accepted. The offer becomes an agreement between yourself and the Accommodation supplier which specifies what applies for your accommodation. When an offer has been accepted, the other Accommodation suppliers who provided offers through theZouk will receive a message that their quotations have been turned down. theZouk does not undertake any responsibility for the information in the enquiries or offers which have been passed on via theZouk, nor does theZouk undertake any responsibility for the traveller or the Accommodation supplier fulfilling their obligations. theZouk only ensures that enquiries and offers are sent electronically between the traveller and the Accommodation supplier and vice versa, below referred to as "The Service".

3. Each enquiry from a traveller which is passed on from theZouk to an Accommodation supplier, is anonymous. It is only when a traveller has accepted an offer that theZouk forwards the traveller's name, choice of language and last specified e-mail address. As a minimum requirement, you must register your name, language choice and your e-mail address in order to use The Service. These obligatory details are marked with the star*. If you choose to fill in the non-obligatory details in the application for membership, this information will also be forwarded but only to the Accommodation supplier whose offer you have accepted.

4. If you tick the alternative to receive Newsletters from theZouk you will receive a regular Newsletter in accordance with the alternatives you have chosen. Whenever you feel like, you can cancel your subscription to the Newsletter.

5. When you have filled in the obligatory registration details, you will be registered with theZouk as a member. This means that you will be allowed to send out enquiries and receive offers from Accommodation suppliers. When the obligatory details have been sent to theZouk you will receive a confirmation message that the registration has been made and that you can start using The Service.

6. Whenever you feel like, you can terminate this agreement with a period of notice of two working days. theZouk is entitled to terminate this agreement without any period of notice, by which the agreement is terminated immediately, if theZouk finds out that you, in the discretion of theZouk, are misusing the marketplace or The Service in any way. When the agreement has been terminated, theZouk undertakes to procure that member details will not be used on the marketplace. This means that membership information may be saved on backup copies for filing purposes or otherwise in accordance with mandatory law.

7. In the event that you discover any shortcomings or defects with The Service or the marketplace, or if you would like to make any changes or amendments, feel free to contact theZouk.

8. All information provided by you to theZouk on registration, will be registered and saved in theZouk's member register during the period of validity of this agreement. This information will be treated confidentially and will not be handed out to a third party. The information provided will be used to carry out this agreement. Information will also be used as a basis for statistics, marketing and business analyses, but only for theZouk’s internal usage.

9. Disputes attributable to this agreement, shall be decided by a Swedish court of general jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of Sweden without giving effect to the choice of law principles thereof.